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Life of PAI

I am a jack of all trade and a master of none; meaning I don't have a particular genre towards which I am tilted to. I don't mind reading anything as long as it does not annoy me.
Killing Floor  - Lee Child

Things I hate in a thriller book! (not an exhaustive list)
- Excessive description of a weaponry or any item!
- Too much background story!
- Lead character being adept at everything and one who makes no mistakes!
- The lead's love interest being used as a leverage to prove how villainy a villain is!
- One from the main investigating team happens to be the mastermind!
- A random conversation provides an inspirational insight!
This list is not a consciously made list, but something i have come to realize in due course. I have come to terms with what a twist should be and what is a predictable twist. (Point 5 being that). And many times, I have come to dislike a book/movie because of the above mentioned points. I have seen enough of those formulas that it wont impress me anymore.
So when I started with THE KILLING FLOOR, i had expected most of the points in the list to be available in the book. I was expecting the book to be all about Reacher this, Reacher that, and thought that I might get bored at most places, especially at the ending with the predictable twist!
How bloody wrong I was!
There was nothing spectacular about the book. Nothing stand out or out of the ordinary. But it was a product of a concoction of different elements, each induced in right amount and at right places. Not too much, not too less, never too vague, nor too direct. It was a perfect thriller book. It thrilled. Not for one moment was I left fatigued or had to toil ahead. I read it with ease and that is what I liked second most about the book. The first being the hidden operation as its directly related to my profession.
And so, it was a surprisingly a wonderful read. But I dont know why Tom cruise was given the role of Jack Reacher. He shouldn't have even been the last person to have bagged the role!(less)

Psmith in the City - P.G. Wodehouse

If ever there was a book which stamped the top position on the podium of pleasant read, then Psmith in the City, would definitely be a leading contender for the title. A short book with not too many characters, this book makes for a joyful read to anyone holding this book. What adds to the pleasantness of the book is the simplicity of the story and the honesty behind the characters.
The story is not a complex tower of twisting staircases, nor is it a bottomless abyss monopolised by darkness. one gets the feeling of watching the sunset or sitting on a top notch luxury car and you would not want the story to conclude.
The characters of Mike and Psmith are very real, in the sense that they can be found amongst us. Mike, the incomplex, is a person wronged by circumstances and has to give up his dreams of becoming a professional cricket player. Psmith, the debonair, just wants to make good the air of negativity that was unintentionally heated up between him and John Bickersdyke. What follows is an hilarious account of good intentions leading to bad outcomes!!
but the thing that made me like this a bit more was that the large part of the story happens in a Bank. It was really nice for me to read that, no matter how much advanced we have become, technologically, the crux is still the same as it was then!!

2666 - Roberto BolaƱo, Natasha Wimmer

How do I describe the feelings that I went through while I read this monumental book? Well, I cannot summarize it in a few words nor can I explain it elaborately. Therefore I shall jot down few situations which would best explain how I felt about 2666.
Like riding a motorcycle to apparently nowhere, but still enjoying the breeze against your face.
Like watching a nail biting cricket match which ends in a draw.
Like waiting for hours together to catch a fish and you finally manage to bait one.
Like drawing some random doodles, not because you are bored or frustrated but simply because you cannot resist the temptation of doing so.
Like standing in the queue at a ticket counter to buy the tickets for a movie which you have been eagerly awaiting for it's release.
Like getting a window seat in the general compartment of a train.
Like holding your breath for a long time and letting it go.
Like waking up late on a Sunday morning.
(the list is non exhaustive)